4 Ways Small Businesses Can Offer Last-Minute Christmas Delivery Service Options

As a small business, ideally you want people to place orders and get shipments out in time with plenty of time before the holidays. Every year, you will run into last-minute shoppers who need to fill their holiday wish list and get presents delivered on time. 

With courier services, you have multiple options to help ensure holiday deliveries occur on time. The work on your end is lessened when you rely on courier services and you have multiple delivery options to consider for the products.

1. Warehouse Storage

If you have specific products you expect orders for around Christmas, then you can rely on a courier’s warehouse storage options. Having inventory brought to a warehouse storage facility will help eliminate an extra step when you need quick delivery options.

Through detailed computer applications, you can set up orders, create schedule times, and ensure the orders go out in time. Courier services often offer GPS tracking, so you can stay up to date and also provide customers with proper tracking information for products.

The warehouse storage gives couriers easy access to the stock and can result in faster deliveries. Anything left over after the holiday season can be returned to your business or used for future orders as needed.

2. Temporary Drivers

In some cases, you may have more orders than expected and want to get them out to the local area as quickly as possible. Instead of using a shared courier service, you can lease a driver to work exclusively for your company. The temporary driver will provide you with exclusive delivery services.

You can use the driver through the whole workday to get orders out and delivered on time. You do not have to worry about couriers completing other deliveries at the same time when you have your own driver. If you expect a big rise in orders, then you could even lease a driver for the whole week leading up to Christmas.

With the leased driver, you do not need to go through the hassle of interviewing and hiring someone for a temporary employee position. The hired driver is still working under the courier company you will pay the services for.

3. Scheduled Christmas Surprises

Customers may want to surprise family members and loved ones with Christmas presents. With courier services, you can help plan those surprises with deliveries set a specific time. The scheduled delivery times will make the package feel even more special and leave a lasting memory associated with your business.

For example, a customer may schedule a package delivery during a family holiday party. The gift will become a highlight of the party and provide a fun surprise for everyone involved. Once you start using courier services more, you could promote your Christmas surprise packages as well.

4. White Glove Service

If you sell items like furniture, electronics, or large toys, then you may look into providing white glove service for your holiday orders. When people place last minute orders, you can rely on white glove service to not only deliver the order, but help set everything up so people can enjoy the items on Christmas.

For example, if someone buys an entertainment center, the impact of the gift will feel more special if the whole center is set up rather than just packaged in a box. The service can apply for specific items and you can offer customers the service through your website or if they order items in your store directly.

When orders are placed close to Christmas, the white glove service can guarantee delivery and set up before the holiday takes place.

For more information on our courier services, contact us at Messengers & Distribution, Inc. We will help your company with all your holiday deliveries and ensure everything is delivered on time.