What Is White Glove Delivery Service and Should You Offer It?

Does your business need something to set it apart from the crowd of competitors? In an increasingly volatile world with more and more options for customers, your products need to stand out in ways that add value to the customer.

One way more and more companies are doing this is by adding a white glove service to their products. What is a white glove service? And how does it help your business and your customers? Here are a few answers.

What Is White Glove Service?

The idea of a white glove service comes from the image of highly trained and highly professional staff wearing white gloves to ensure top quality handling. It evokes attention to detail and care that many people feel is lacking in the modern world. Any business can provide this type of service by boosting their own attention to details and taking care of all their customers’ concerns. 

Translated to a transportation setting, white glove service includes the careful delivery of goods — in particular, fragile or complex goods — to the customer. It also ensures that the items are set up and fully operational for the customer. While the ‘white gloves’ may be metaphorical (or literal, depending on the items), the result is a more luxurious and thorough delivery service. 

Is White Glove Service Just Delivery?

White glove service is more than just delivering your goods and assembling them. It’s an attitude and way of doing business that puts the customer first and strives to give them the best experience possible. It is, simply, going above and beyond the average delivery.  

White glove services might include additional tracking of their purchases throughout production and shipping. It may call for special handling and custom packaging. And it generally includes unpacking, assembling, and preparing the items wherever the customer wants them to go. Finally, it may involve a follow-up from your company to make sure the customer is happy with their service. 

How Does White Glove Service Benefit You?

Clearly, your company will have to invest time and money into crafting a true white glove delivery experience. Is it worth the extra effort? The answer is often yes, for a variety of reasons. 

First, this delivery option increasingly appeals to overworked, over-scheduled customers. It’s a relief to have someone not only deliver their purchase but also ensure that it is set up and ready without the customer having to do anything. It’s something customers are often willing to pay more for. It may even be seen as putting your company into a higher tier of quality and luxury than competitors. 

Your company also increases control over its products and customer satisfaction. You know the goods will be packaged and handled with care during delivery. And you know that they will be set up correctly, helping reduce customer complaints and returns or damaged goods. And you know the condition of each item when it arrives and when your delivery staff leaves it in the customer’s hands.  

Where Can You Learn More About White Glove Service?

Do you think that white glove services could help raise the profile or profit margin of your company? If so, your first step should be to learn more about white glove delivery providers in your area. Because that service provider will be what your customer experiences in person, a quality partner is key to making it work. 

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